This is my client Storm, she has the most beautiful hair! She visited me at my Lake Oswego salon. I gave her a full blonde highlight all over her long locks to freshen up her regrowth at the root line with bond builder to keep her hair strong and healthy. Taking the approach of an artisanal hair care specialist, I always evaluate the health of my client’s hair. Any lightener used on colored hair can be stressful to your hair follicles as you might suspect. Bond builder is a fantastic way to keep your hair looking and feeling its best.

Blonde hightlight, cut and color Portland areaBond builder is a product that helps link broken bonds in the hair during and after the highlighting treatment to make your hair stronger. This allows you to capture those platinum strands as you want but help maintain a silky soft texture without the breakage. Especially after you wash it the first time, you won’t find your hair a frizzy, dry mess. This is quite an advantage for my blonde beauties who want to maintain their lovely light, bright locks.

Storm next opted to have her hair cut in a shorter more manageable style and so we both agreed on a length and went straight to work. Her look gave her a more mature sophisticated style and appearance. We decided on a sleek shoulder-length style. Shoulder-length hair is flattering on all face shapes, from round to long and thin, to square and even heart-shaped. It works with all hair textures as well.  She is in her mid 20’s and was constantly being mistaken for a teenager, which some would sell their prized possessions for such a blessing but she felt it was becoming a bit of an annoyance. So the new hairstyle, cut and color makeover was created to offer her the new look she was desiring. Personally, I feel she is a stunner either way but fulfilling my client’s dream is my complete focus. We really had a great time!