Lake Oswego Lash ExtensionsA lash extension application is one of the most transformative beauty services that you can experience. It’s life-changing in more ways than one. So many of my clients say they love this service because they just wake up feeling pretty and more put together with minimal effort. You begin your morning feeling like the miraculous being you are! My lash darlings often say it significantly cuts down on the time needed to get ready for the day! The vegan, critter friendly, high-quality lashes that I invest in are comfortable and hold their shape and define your eyes as no other lash product does. Whether you desire a dramatic lash or a soft and wispy look or anything in between. I’m confident that we can achieve a beautiful set that will give you a lash look you love, that both compliments your eye shape and facial features as well as being mindful of your overall lash health.

Practicing lash artistry over the last several years, I have helped countless clients achieve the right volume, length, and set style. Some people like to do a one week touch up, most people do a two-week fill, some people do a three-week fill, and so on. Ultimately your fill schedule will be determined by your daily care and treatment as well as how perfect you want your lashes to look week to week.

My lash artistry haven is located in the heart of downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon, inside the well known Picasso Salon. My custom lash application takes place in a private room, with low lighting and essential oil defused filtered air. Feel free to bring earbuds and listen to your favorite podcast or audiobook or music of your choice. Often my clients take this opportunity for what I call a lash nap.

Lash application is a very detail intensive skill, as your lash artist, it is important to me that the professional application is done responsibly. Several elements contribute to not only a beautiful lash set but to eye and lash health. To start I ensure that my clients are as comfortable as possible during their appointment by placing gel pads carefully and using tape to assist my work but not at the expense of your comfort. You should never feel pain or irritation or burning during your fill apt. I know what it’s like to endure uncomfortable lash services and it is simply unnecessary. So I try to be as mindful as possible of you while positioning things to get my work done well.

Lashes come in a variety of different curl shapes, lengths, and weight. I ensure that each handmade fan is placed on one isolated lash. Using one of the highest quality, medical-grade adhesives. It is important to understand what lashes are good participants and which ones are not. The extension must be placed on a lash that will tolerate the weight and length of each fan to get our desired outcome.

So, really it comes down to one question.
What’s holding you back?


Lash Extension Preparation And How They Are Applied

⦿ Preparing Your Natural Lashes And Face BEFORE Your Appointment –

How To Prepare Your Lashes For Lash ExtensionsTo ensure the very best application it is imperative that you arrive at your appointment with thoroughly cleansed lashes. Any remaining makeup or oils from your skin will affect how your extensions adhere to the natural lash which means that your set will not last. So for your sake and mine please make sure you wash your lashes well before coming to your appointment. I would much rather spend time putting lashes on than cleaning build up off your lashes. This ensures your best quality outcome and set longevity.


⦿ Studying The State Of Your Current Lashes, Lifestyle And Lash Weight Tolerance – 

Natural Lash Evaluation Before ExtensionsThe state of your natural lash plays a significant role in what setting is selected for you. If your eyelashes are naturally short and thin the extensions will be on the shorter side, if you have longer lashes I will determine what are the best type of lashes to use and the healthiest application for them. We will discuss how you go about your day as a lifestyle that can affect your lashes. Things like, if you wear glasses, swim, have allergies, as well as any other routines that might have implications for your lash set. The longer and healthier your natural lashes are the more lash weight and length your natural lash can withstand. Eyelash Extension Volume Guide

    • If you’ve never had extensions before, consider starting with a half set to see how your natural lashes hold up and how it feels in your day to day life.
    • If you do well with the first set and are wanting a fuller look we can move you into a Volume application fill on your next appointment.


⦿ Discussing The Type, Style, And Look Of Your Lash Extensions – 

Beauty By Lizzy - Professional Lash ExtensionsThe two main types of lashes that you see marketed are mink and silk both are synthetic adaptations that are sanitary and sustainably produced. Mink lashes tend to be lighter and have a more mat natural finish where silk tends to have a bit more of a sheen. The lengths can range from 5mm to 20mm. Extensions also come in a variety of thicknesses, curls, and colors. We will discuss together what your primary goal is before making a final choice. I also will need to explain how the various types of lashes will feel daily on your eyes, so your expectations are set correctly. The style and look are one thing but feeling comfortable in your lash extensions is equally important.

    • If you are looking to create a natural look, I would select a shorter to medium length extension with a classic application.
    • Also, if you want a sultry or more dramatic look I would suggest a volume application with medium to longer lengths.


⦿ Applying Your Lash Extensions At My Lake Oswego Salon – 

Lake Oswego Lash Extensions ApplicationEyelash extensions take some time, so plan on scheduling around 3 hours for your first set and anywhere from an hour and fifteen minutes for a two-week classic fill or one hour and thirty minutes for a two-week volume fill. This varies some by the client. I want your experience to be peaceful, comfortable and I always want you to leave feeling beautiful! Every lash that is applied is with that focus in mind. I’m so grateful for my clients, many of which have been with me for several years. They have provided me with great feedback back and kind acknowledgment of the work I do. It is my hope that you feel the very same way after your lash extension experience with me.

Here are the 5 main steps of the lash extension application process:

  1. Your lower lashes are isolated under a gel pad to avoid any of your lower lashes being included in the work on your upper lashes.
  2. I will gently cleanse both your eyes of any natural oils with lash prep. *Your lashes and face should already be prepared as noted above.
  3. Your natural eyelashes will be isolated, with a professional, sterilized, lash extension tweezer. *The eye receiving lashes must be closed for the entire process.
  4. A lash or handmade lash fan will then be applied to the underside of the lash base of the isolated lash with medical-grade adhesive.
  5. This process will be repeated for the entire lid of both eyes, based on the evaluation of the lash style agreed upon.

Schedule your appointment to come into my Lake Oswego Salon – Beauty By Lizzy located inside the Picasso Salon and we can make your lashes lovely together!

Here are a few of my beautiful Lash Extension Clients:

Beauty By Lizzy Lash Extension ClientBefore and After Lash Extension ClientVolume Lashes - Lake Oswego OregonLong and Beautiful Lash Extensions - Oregon