Sometimes our outer expression reveals our true inner perspective of how we see ourselves. We inadvertently project things about ourselves that are no longer relevant to who we are transforming into. Transformation is a process, it doesn’t happen overnight and it takes courage. In many cases, it requires the right influences and encouragement to draw it out. But once it comes to life, there is a power that emanates from us that is captivating and attractive. More than just a visual attraction but rooted from an unseen place. The core of who we were meant to be.

Here are two recent Lake Oswego hair styling transformations that will bring this together for you.

Leap of Faith – The Hairy Truth

Lake Oswego Long Hair TransformationSeveral months ago, a Lake Oswego client/friend (truly most of my clients become friends) – Lina, came to me to have her beautiful long locks trimmed. She has had these extremely long, flowing tresses for many years and they were just such a treasure to trim and style. But she expressed that she was thinking about a change and wanted to trust me to take that plunge with her. I told her how lovely I thought her hair was and while it would be hard for me to cut it, I was ready to help her walk through that process when she was ready!

Lina walked through the door sometime later and confided that she was finally ready to take the leap! She shared with me that she had been hiding behind her hair for years. She felt like it was what made her feminine and pretty. And it was difficult to part with it because of that perception she had of herself. She was always in a tug of war with herself on whether or not to take on that challenge of stepping into a new season. This next step would shape her outward appearance as well. It was truly Lina’s heart that would catapult her into making the jump into taking off more than half of the length of her flowing hair. She had found an organization that would accept her cut donated hair and provide children with wigs who were experiencing hair loss, Children with Hair Loss – childrenwithhairloss.us.

Children with Hair Loss organization is about helping children feel better about themselves on the outside by supplying them with a natural-looking wig so that they can heal their hearts that are hurting on the inside. Their tagline is Covering Young Heads to Heal Young Hearts.

After Lina disclosed her heart about this, I got straight to work on revealing the new Lina that had such a heart transformation that she needed to have it expressed on her own outward appearance. I think Lina said it best herself, “I am so happy to know that there will be someone who will love all this hair as much as I have, if not MORE!”.

Transformation Is A Process

Lake Oswego Hair Color TransformationAnother client/friend that came in to see me was wanting to have her hair repaired after some previous damage. She was looking to have her color and hair structure restored. She didn’t want to lose the length but wanted to bring back the vibrancy and strength of her locks. As I have shared earlier, transformation is a process and that sometimes includes our outer process as well (often it does). In this case, this transformation was going to be a work in progress, but I knew I could give her a really good start! I used a bond builder which strengthens and smooths the stressed hairshafts. You can read more about that application and process here.

The goal for her was in improving the integrity of the blonde as we worked towards growing it back out to blend better with the length. And of course adding in that pop of purple, so fitting for her sparkling and lively personality.

Transformation is a process, it is hard work sometimes and we need others to come around us to get us over those hurdles that block you from achieving your true self. It is never just about hair for me, it is about reflecting that inner YOU on the outside. You’re a beautiful soul and I’m dedicated to supporting, each and every one of you in your transformation!

Let’s get together in my Lake Oswego hair salon and talk about your transformation.