If you venture into downtown Lake Oswego, Oregon you will find the Beauty By Lizzy hair salon located inside a premier Lake Oswego beauty parlor – Picasso Artistic Salon. This is where I transform my clients into their best selves. This all came about through a dream I had years ago that has come to life in the form of helping others step into their fullest beauty potential and unique selves.

Every soul’s hair is different and there are no two alike. Understanding how to treat each person’s hair is part science and part art. Creating a new hairdo is a process that takes time in our discussion together to determine what you are trying to achieve regarding the length – hair cut, hair color, and hairstyle.

Vibrant Hair Colors Are Challenging To Maintain

Sometimes my customers want to try something bold and different. Let’s face it, bright, vivid hair colors can be fun, however, most people don’t realize the amount of maintenance involved in keeping those brilliant tresses on fleek. In truth, those vibrant hair colors don’t last long with consistent washing and upkeep, so after just a short period of time, you are left with hair that is something less than desirable. And a crown of hair color that has become faded, muddied and severely muted.

Lake Owego color correctingYou can see that in this example from one of my beautiful clients. She knew she no longer wanted to sustain that kind of hair color maintenance schedule and wanted to transition her hair back to a softer, natural blonde mane. I try to compose the best hues and contrasts for every person who sits down in my chair. I work on choosing the best combination of shades, highlights, and lowlights to complement their skin tone and natural hair color while striving to create the perfect blend of sexy and natural beauty.

This particular transition took over a 9-hour process to complete with two different sitting sessions involved. This type of method takes time and patience but well worth the time invested to keep the health of the hair in check. And forgoing the big chop while leaving her current length pretty much intact.

Beautiful Hair Color Is Part Science And Art

Color correction, blonde hair in Lake OswegoThe science is based on selecting the best hair coloring products that place the least amount of stress on existing damaged hair shafts. While the art is based on strategically placing highlights and lowlights in such a way that a natural blending occurs. I always try to place highlights so they can be toned to match new growth if at all possible. Another great application is to add a few babylights here and there for a delicate, polished glow in key facial areas.

The final results were simply amazing.

Does your hair need some color correction? Have you struggled to get and keep the right hair color? We can work together to get you the exact hair color, then help you keep it that way. Let’s talk!